Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blues piano improvisation videos

Blues piano improvisation

isisip: The blues has SOUL! I have always loved it. This is some improvisation that I did for all of you who like the blues. Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching.

Learn how to play blues piano improvisation

Learn how to play the above blues piano solo from isisip's video lesson! All the main soloing ideas are explained clearly and a complete transcription of the right hand is played at a much slower tempo (six minute long) for anyone who would like to learn how to play, you will be able to see clearly every note and every key that was used. Extreme close up of the right hand and crystal clear audio. Techniques covered include blues scale, slides, thirds, trills and chordal trills, tonic on top, broken chords and combinations of techniques. Use some of the lines and ideas in your own playing. Practice tips are also suggested. Soon you will be a great blues pianist influenced by isisip! (total time: 12 mins)

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Soloing ideas and techniques
Part 3: Complete right hand solo from beginning to end played at slow tempo (six minutes)

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Some of the reviews:


I just purchased your Blues transcription and I love it. So many great tips I have already started using them. Thanks again for producing this. What a big help.

Clark, from USA


Thank you for making the video for me. I have been practicing. I like how you give instruction. It is very clear how to play. Thank you so much again.

Loretta, from USA

Dutch's blues

isisip: The following tune is called "Dutch's blues". I composed this one for a friend of mine, (Dutch, this one is especially for you!) He wrote me long emails to tell me how he loves my blues piano improvisation video and I was really touched! He was in the US Navy and he survived both World War 2 and the Korean War. His life is full and special. Some said the music reminds them of the early Beatles.

"Blues piano improvisation" and "Dutch's blues" are included on the "Memories" album.
Track list of the "Memories" album:

1. Eternal beauty piano version
2. Eternal beauty piano and violin version
3. Waltz of the flowers
4. Rainbow memories
5. The lotus flower dance (extended version of the lotus flower)
6. The lotus flower remix
7. Starry Night - guitar music
8. Baroque Finale - guitar music
9. Desert night dance music
10. Myth - horror film music
11. Blues piano improvisation (audio from the blues piano improvisation video on youtube, without the background noise!)
12. Dutch's blues (audio from the Dutch's blues video on youtube)

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