Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Beautiful and elegant piano music

This piano piece "Wedding in a dream" is one of the most popular works in addition to "My lonely road", "The unfinished story" and "The lotus flower":

The piano piece "My lonely road" touches the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. One listener said, "I must say, if there was a score to my life, my lonely road would be it. Wow, did it ever move me...".

It is a song about life, full of emotions and hope. Like most of the great music, it is timeless and unforgettable. Many people fall in love with the song the first time they hear it...there is something very special about it.

Composer/pianist Isisip holds a bachelor of music degree from Berklee College of Music of Boston, USA., also played a few instruments besides piano. After devoted many years to music she released her first CD "My music collection" in August 2007. "My lonely road" is the first track on the album. There are 5 piano pieces and 2 instrumental compositions of her own.

"Tears" is a song about the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. Every song on the album tells a different story, the best way to learn about the stories is by listening to the music and experience for yourself. Even if you are not a piano music fan, you will definitely find something in the music, "it is simply beautiful and elegant".

Listen to the tracks:

1. My lonely road
2. Tears
3. The lotus flower
4. Shadow
5. The lover's kiss
6. Moon
7. Time travels

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If you prefer, you may purchase the MP3 download of the full album, the tracks are the same as those on the CD. A link to download the MP3s will be sent to your email address within 48 hours after payment is made.

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*Comment from Martin Dodd, A&R, Sony BMG Europe : "It's clear that you have real talent and I enjoyed it a great deal."

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Top 10 piano songs

10 original compositions by Isisip, "beautiful, poetic, full of life", hope you enjoy. The best sound quality versions can be found on CDs. This 2012 video has got over 3 million views on youtube.com.

Piano sheet music is also available: isisip piano sheet music

The most popular piano solo in the Asian markets:
Wedding in a dream in F minor

A performance video:
Piano and strings instrumental music - sad song - drama of life

A performance video:
Love poem

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Listen to "the unfinished story" :)
Learn more about the unfinished story piano music

After the first album "My music collection", a lot of new music has been composed and recorded from 2007 to 2019, to see a full catalog, please visit http://pianodiscography.blogspot.com/

The youtube playlist below presents some piano solos that were composed from 2007-2018:

The soundcloud playlist below presents some more tracks from the full catalog: